A Great Way To Track Annual Leave

For years I’ve been struggling with a spreadsheet to track our crew’s annual leave. Our newest marketing messaging in D4H is all about “Are you still using spreadsheets to manage your response?” and so I thought I better apply those principles to our internal tools. I tested a whole bunch of apps, and the clear […]

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How Many Sales Can A Sales Person Sell If A Sales Person Could Sell Sales

Two screenshots just went around our Hipchat. One of our D4H sales person’s appointment calendars in June, and the difference in October. Yes, things are a little seasonal, but yes we’re seriously selling all the sales right now. We spent from February to May earlier in the year re-messaging everything, breaking the product into modules, re-pricing, […]

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Cook The Office

As the D4H Lighthouse is a short drive away from the shops, and to make lunches more interesting… each week on a Wednesday, a different member of the D4H crew take it in turns to feed the lighthouse office… cook once, eat lots. Why not give it a try it at your office?

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Niche thyself

I can’t say this enough. Starting a business? Pick a niche – the smaller the better. Have your niche? Ok, split that in two to get it smaller. Now – become the best in the world at that. If you can’t become the best in the world at it within 12 months it’s too big […]

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